About us

The Heger family winery is located in the Small Carpathian wine region, known for its high-quality wines and rich traditions. Winemaking in this region has a long history and is a strong part of the area. The winery is located near the Red Stone Castle, one of the most famous landmarks in the region. The historical charm of this monument inspired us to present our wines in a medieval style. We want to bring our customers closer to the atmosphere of the region and offer them a unique experience.

Currently, we cultivate 3.5 hectares of vineyards, consisting of Riesling, Dornfelder, and Zweigeltrebe varieties. These varieties are suitable for conditions in the Small Carpathian wine region and give excellent results. Our family has a long history in winemaking, our genealogy goes back to the 17th century. We also decided to cultivate remnants of the old Palfyovske cellars where there are several varieties called as “old varieties” or “unique varieties” and these cuttings are older than 200 years. These varieties give excellent results and we are trying to preserve them for future generations. We specialize in the production of medieval recipes such as Hypocras, for which we have a recipe from the 14th century, and Bishops’ wine, for which we have a recipe from the 17th century. We also started working on honey wine in collaboration with Slovak beekeepers, thus expanding our range with another unique product.

We are trying to preserve traditional methods of vine cultivation and supplement them with more modern approaches. We focus on natural methods of cultivation to preserve natural diversity and quality of wines. Our wines are hand-picked and have undergone strict quality control processes to ensure that our customers receive only the best.